About Us

Welcome to Aves Trading SA

Aves Trading SA has been supplying 250.000 MTs of gasoil/diesel to Turkish distribution companies annually since 2007. Today, the company is a well known figure among Mediterranean basin refiners, traders, brokers and European bankers. The company has the ability to hedge against price risk movements by using ICE Futures and OTC swaps via its brokers and traders from Chicago to Singapore, round the clock. AVES is expanding on vegetable oils, grains&oilseeds market since 2009. Aves has supplied %25 of crude sunflower seed oil imports of Turkey in 2010/2011 season. By utilizing the Group’s Port and Vegoil Terminal in , currently Aves is the largest CSFSO supplier in which is one of two major ports in Turkey for CSFSO imports. Aves became the second largest charterer from Ukrainian ports at CSFSO loadings destined to Turkey in 2010/2011 season.

The company has recently set up a branch in Ukraine and diversifying its portfolio to include sunseeds, suncake, rapeseed cake etc.